WRT Water Release Therapy®

WRT Water Release Therapy® is about the inward journey on the Earth plane. Warm Water is a gift to us all and it is what we are. WRT Water Release Therapy® is one of the most profound therapeutic Healing modalities of our time. This Aquatic Art, developed by Diane Feingold, is the unique inquiry and […]

Myofascial Release in Water

Waters Zero Gravity conditions give an extraordinary opportunity for both assessment and therapy. Myofascial Release in Water will explain how and why.


From AQUATHERICS® certification program to Watsu® to Coaching to Hypnotherapy to Private Sessions, Theri has 35 years experience to give you expert awareness and professionalism.


WOGA® WATER YOGA WOGA® (an acronym for Water and Yoga) is where our body meets the liquid element and our physical structure softens by the contact of water.


Watsupath™ Training Institute is today the only school of Watsu® and Aquatic Therapy in the world managed by, and aimed at health professionals. In addition to professional certification in Watsu®, Watsupath™ provides educational programs in other forms of therapy in water

Amnion® Aquatics

Amnion® a warm water modality, is a blend of prenatal somatic therapy, attachment theory and cranial sacral unwinding. The water, acting like an amnion, allows for a direct channel to implicit memory. “Implicit memories are those we don’t consciously recall; they exist just below the level of conscious awareness and are difficult to identify…” (Siegel, […]

Aquatic Integration Institute (Aii)

Aquatic Integration Institute (Aii), an association of practitioners, therapists and educators, offering individual sessions, continuing education, and certification in the field of Aquatic Bodywork.